Water Rocket Computer Model Download Page

Water Rocket Computer Model running on a modern machine in an emulator. This is the computer model that is aimed at any age from K to 12 (and beyond - it has been used in university at PhD level) and has done the calculations for the Fire Extinguisher over the Chain-link Fence scene in the TV programme CrashTest Dummies.

This program was started in 1994 and is therefore a DOS program. It has VGA graphics capability and will run on modern machines quite quickly, including the DOS emulator DOSBox on the Linux server that I am writing this on now.

Click here to download the zip file.

Water Rocket Computer Model running in VGA Graphics mode on a modern machine in an emulator If you are using DOSBox, the in the configuration file, in the [cpu] section change 'cycles' thus:


and in the [autoexec] section add this line - assuming that you have a hidden subdirectory in your home directory called '.dos_stuff' and it has a subdirectory called 'drive_c' although you can put any valid directory here.

mount c ~/.dos_stuff/drive_c
and if you only want to run the WRCM, you can add the line
to the end of the configuration file. If not, leave it out and just type
(no need to include the '.exe' or bother about case.